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The Dolores Huerta Foundation Youth Program consists of two components, Liberated Youth for Empowerment (LYFE) & Livin’ LYFE. Previously known as Youth & Family Civic Engagement Initiative, this rebrand is more than just a new name, it now offers young people opportunities to develop a critical lens on history and systems of inequity. Through evidence-based best practices, the Youth Program aims to increase civic engagement participation among low-income, disenfranchised youth and their families to reduce racial and socio-economic disparities. DHF Youth Program’s goal is to empower each young person as they transition to a social justice warrior by providing them the tools and resources every step of the way.

LYFE incorporates three vital pathways for personal and professional development: Civic Engagement, Transformational Art, and New Media & Technology. This immersive leadership program includes a pathway crafted to meet the intersection of community engagement and health/wellness all while amplifying the voices of our future leaders.

Once graduated from LYFE, youth leaders enter the “Livin’ LYFE” alumni program, where we build community and empower the next generations of social justice warriors. Livin’ LYFE provides monthly programming, mentorship, scholarship and entrepreneurship opportunities / resources that will support alumni on their journey for social justice and professional development.

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