Although the Liberated for Youth Empowerment (LYFE) program is fairly new it is already impacting communities in a positive way. Most of the LYFE youth members are not old enough to vote, but they are old enough to understand what is at stake and how this current 2021 Special Recall Election for Governor can impact their future. LYFE youth members have been participating in many late night phone banking, text banking, human billboarding, and mobilizing their own personal networks in between their school work and family time. They can be found most days of the week, including weekends, dancing with signs and screaming their hearts out urging thousands of passing cars on some of Kern, Tulare & Fresno’s busiest streets to vote. Lester Pineda, Kern County Youth member, says “It is important for our communities to go out to vote for a better future and to have our voices heard. We need to have our voices heard, especially for those members in communities of color and youth who are not able to cast their vote. We must vote for them.” 

It has been inspiring seeing adults and youth come together to motivate people to cast their ballots. Most importantly, they know that every interaction is one voter that they can encourage to get to the polls! Many look forward to the day that they can register to vote and cast their first ballot. This is because the youth are an integral part of the community and want to craft a future that is equitable and justice for all.

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