Erica Talavera is a parent leader from Parlier. She is a mother of two, an eight month year old and a teenager. She was recruited into the local Vecinos Unidos Education Committee in 2019. When Eric first began attending meetings with her newborn, she seemed shy and reserved.

As time progressed, she gained confidence and leadership skills becoming our local media liaison for DHF’s Vecinos Unidos group. She spoke about education issues during the pandemic, especially the importance of having a healthy and accessible nutrition plan for school districts. Her leadership blossomed. Soon organizing and distributing much needed food to communities in need. She did this at three local food banks organized by the Dolores Huerta Foundation Vecinos Unidos.

She also organized a crisis food delivery program from April 2020 through November of 2020. She assisted fellow Vecinos members in bridging the technical divide to attend leadership meetings remotely with other organizers to address issues like access to pandemic EBT food assistance and supported parents in completing online applications. During our Get Out the Vote efforts she was the top caller and neighborhood captain for the campaign in Parlier.

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