The Dolores Huerta Foundation, in partnership with community leaders and other organizations, has come together to form the Equitable Maps Coalition and have painstakingly created Equitable Maps and districts that comply with the Voting Rights Act.

Through your support, the Dolores Huerta Foundation has been able to mobilize folks in the Central Valley to provide public comments at countless Board of Supervisors Redistricting meetings, target hard to hit communities through door-to-door canvassing, and educate folks at key community events to ensure that everyone understands what is at stake for the next ten years. The Kern Equitable Map Coalition came out in force to fight for fair maps.

Dozens of community members gave comments whereas meetings lasted for over 2 hours! It was so beautiful to hear from every community in Kern to come to a universal agreement, especially in the most misrepresented and underserved communities. Meanwhile, in the Fresno and Tulare county redistricting hearings, some of the same hard-right reactionaries challenged the EMC community map. DHF, partnering organizations and concerned community members fought an uphill battle as some misinformed right-winged individuals, unfortunately, mistook these maps to have a hidden agenda, when they are in fact well within the Voting Rights Act law. Additionally, each area has gained tremendous community support for the EMC maps.

The Dolores Huerta Foundation Vecinos Unidos® chapter members are actively engaging in the crucial redistricting process on all governmental levels including at their local school districts. The Education committee, a sub-focus group founded through the Vecinos Unidos®, have provided 15 board comments to Parlier Unified School District and Bakersfield City Schools district asking for a transparent, community-led process. Vecinos Unidos® continue to meet on a weekly basis to discuss their community needs and shape a map that will provide equitable representation.

Lastly, we’d like to thank each of you for your continued support! We invite you to join us in DEMANDING redistricting commissions to adopt equitable maps at assembly, senate & congressional levels. Demand that your elected representatives know where your community is and what is important to you and those in your community by giving public comments at your local redistricting hearing. For more information, please contact Eliana at or visit

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