Macario Garcia

Macario Garcia

IT Support Technician

Macario is DHF’s first line of defense for technical support, equipment set-up, and software installation. Macario first started at DHF as a canvasser where his technical prowess was noticed by one of our managers. He used his skills by volunteering to assist with setting up the computers, phone bank, and network cables at the new Tulare office.

Macario has many years of experience with repairing, restoring, troubleshooting, and building mechanical/electronical equipment. He also works alongside his father’s HVAC company installing Security systems, smart thermostats, cameras, networks, and fixing/building computers etc. Macario’s drive comes from a deep curiosity of how all things mechanical and electronical work. He is mostly self-taught, using any and every resource possible to expand his knowledge in the IT field.

Hobbies of his are far too many and constantly growing. Repairing and restoring classic Volkswagen Beetles is Macario’s favorite leisure activity. Not only does Macario continue to pursue IT as a career but keeping up to date on all things tech is another way he passes the time. When gathering with his friends, they work on team building through a fantasy role-playing game called Dungeons & Dragons. Given a longer period of free time, traveling and learning new recipes to cook is another way he tends to enjoy himself. The list goes on and on with Macario as you can tell, so feel free to ask him about his long list of hobbies if you ever run into him. I’m sure you will enjoy him as much as we do at the DHF.

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