Angel Ruiz

Angel Ruiz

Community Organizer, Tulare

As a Community Organizer in Tulare County, Angel strives for community-based empowerment. By educating the community on local, state, and federal policies that affect them and providing the community with the right tools to solve their issue, no matter how big or small the problem may be. Angel teaches the community that their participation in government matters because people hold the power when it comes to education, infrastructure, and public goods and services. 

Before joining DHF, Angel worked at a few internships where he became involved in different levels of government. During Gavin Newsom’s 2018 campaign for Governor, Angel became an effective amplifier of the campaign’s message at town halls and rallies where he eagerly engaged with attendees, turning undecided voters into supporters and supporters into volunteers. He also interned with Assemblymember Jesse Gabriel from California’s 45th District and Councilwoman Nury Martinez from Los Angeles’ 6th District.

Angel holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science and Government from California State University, Northridge. He also holds a Certificate in Translation and Interpreting from California State University, Los Angeles. Angel reads World Politics, analyzing policy change in Latin America. Some of the publications he reads regularly include The Economist, The Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Time magazine. In addition, he stays informed about public policy by reading important documents like the California state budget, The Mueller Report, and Families First Coronavirus Response Act. Angel also enjoys walking daily, listening to music and playing with his dogs Coco, Bruce, and Yogi.


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