Alicia Huerta

Alicia Huerta

Office Manager

Alicia plays a central role in supporting the Dolores Huerta Foundation’s range of operations and programmatic responsibilities while being a key liaison with community partners. She works closely to support Dolores Huerta and DHF programs. Since joining the team, Alicia is most proud of DHF’s growing Vecino Chapters, support of Passed Legislation AB 392/SB 230 – Diminish Police Force” Stephon Clarke’s Bill, and AB 1783 Farmworker Housing.

Alicia brings decades of experience in health plan administration, online retail management, and office administration. Previously, Alicia worked as a Health Plan Coordinator acting as a liaison between 14 health insurance companies, overseeing medical staff, and helping people know their healthcare and home care options. She has supported farm workers for many years working as a bookkeeper at Robert F. Kennedy Medical Plan, assistant and board member to National Farmworkers Service Center President Paul Chavez, and a processing manager and volunteer at the United Farm Workers.

Alicia has been a vital community advocate and volunteers for the Women’s Movement, homeless community, free tax service, children with disabilities, and many unions, community gardens, and youth organizations. Alicia formerly worked as a CASA advocate whereas she was a trained citizen appointed by a judge to represent a child victim in a case of abuse and neglect.

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