We are less than 5 days away from the Building Healthy Communities Youth Summit!

All youth from Arvin, Lamont, Greenfield and Weedpatch, 13-24 years old, are invited to attend.

Youth can attend two workshops and have five to choose from:

1) Building Safe Communities for Walking and Biking: Walking and biking in communities like South Kern can be dangerous. But many communities across the county and state have taken steps to change this and to make their streets safe for pedestrians, bicyclers, and skaters. Hear what we can do in South Kern to make our communities places where it is safe for everyone to bike and walk.

2) Agua4All – Can You Drink Your Water?: BHC Partners have been working to help make sure that residents in South Kern have access to safe drinking water. There have been some huge wins in the past year, and now many South Kern residents can get free drinking water or safely drink their tap water. But there is still more that we need to do so that everyone can have safe drinking water from their tap.

3) Changing City Budgets for Youth Priorities: Learn how a group of youth in Merced were able to get funds designated to support a youth council and youth priorities in their community through the advocacy efforts of their “Invest in Youth” campaign.

4) Immigration Issues / Healthcare for All: AB60, DAPA, DACA and Healthcare for all campaign.

5) BHC 101: What is BHC? What is their purpose/mission? Learn what BHC has been doing in the past 5 years and what they want to accomplish by 2020.

Please help us spread the word on this fun-filled FREE event!

FREE food and shirts for all of our youth PLUS music and raffle prizes!

Youth Summit Flyer JPEG

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