Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 2.19.58 PMThe Dolores Huerta Foundation’s Cultiva la Salud Program held its first meeting to work with Greenfield residents on creating a healthier community. The Greenfield general meeting hopes to shape a community plan to increase opportunities for physical activity and increase access to healthier foods for the community south of Bakersfield. Camila Chavez, DHF Executive Director said, “What we’re really trying to focus on are policy improvements. What can we do working with our local government, working with our local schools, to increase these opportunities? It’s not just about a family’s personal habits. It’s really, as a community, what are our options?” Many times it’s a question of available space for physical activity. The DHF wants to work with schools to make fields and playgrounds open during non school hours.

Watch the news clip here Local News | KernGoldenEmpire | KGET TV 17

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