Dolores and DHF staff joined the Caravan Against Fear “Caravana Contra el Miedo” on Wednesday, April 12, in front of the Kern County Sheriff’s Department to use music, dance, theater, and shared stories to #RESIST!

The Caravan Against Fear is a grassroots mobilization traveling from California to Texas to defend immigrant rights, keep families together, resist Trump, and build momentum for the May 1 National Strike.

Fear is being used as a weapon to break apart families and terrorize immigrant communities. Protest and direct action – coupled with acts of mutual aid, trust, and understanding– are vital to combating fear, repelling attacks on our freedom and families, and building a lasting civic offensive to defend vulnerable communities and defeat the repressive Trump agenda.

The Caravan is sponsored by a diverse coalition of labor, community, human rights, religious, civic, environmental, and other organizations in both the U.S. and Mexico

Throughout the journey, the Caravan will meet with border communities and learn firsthand about the unique challenges facing the southern border region. They will put pressure on local, state and federal policymakers to pass expansive sanctuary policies, refuse to cooperate with ICE, withhold funding for deportations or border wall construction, and restore constitutional protections to people living along the border. They will document the effects of cruel and unjust policies on families and communities, and denounce corporations that facilitate Trump’s wall and deportation machine. They are asking everyone to join the May 1 National Strike – a moratorium on all business as usual to resist Trump. And at every stop we will stage actions to say No Deportations, No Raids, No Ban, No Wall, Sanctuary for All.

1) No to the persecution, stigmatization, and criminalization of immigrants and refugees.

2) No to the raids, deportations and separation of families.

3) No to the criminalization of political asylum.

4) No to the wall between the United States and Mexico; For the right to mobility and the defense of the quality of life of border communities.

5) No to the militarization of the border.

6) Demand that state and local governments in border states, religious institutions, and community organizations join the resistance and promote initiatives, laws, and policies that defend our humanity and the diversity of our peoples.

7) Invite all to join the May 1 National Strike in the United States, and use it as an opportunity to remember and acknowledge the vital importance of the imigrant community and its immense contribution to the culture and economy of the country.

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