On Friday, April 22, 2016 Houston Mayor, Sylvester Turner, proclaimed April 22nd and 23rd Dolores Huerta Days in Houston.

Mayor Turner presented Dolores with the honor in the packed auditorium of the Neighborhood Centers Inc. Baker- Ripley Campus, during the evening program of the two day conference “Dolores Huerta – La Voz de las Mujeres”

The Emerald Foundation and Kappa Delta Chi Sorority hosted the free civic engagement event featuring Kappa Delta Chi Sorority Honorary Sister, Dolores Huerta. Organized by local leaders Melissa Young and Maria Duran, the event brought together civic leaders, community activists, and families.

Panelists and speakers participated in community discussions around the role of women’s leadership on a wide range of issues including the omission of ethnic studies in Texas textbooks, the movement against human trafficking, transforming education to better serve low income Latino students, and environmental justice.

You can watch video of Friday night’s conversation on the YouTube Channel: HIGHTECHAZTEC

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