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Si Se Puede! Yes We Can! – We always act with hope in the belief that what may seem unachievable can be accomplished. Si se puede is an internal awakening of the individual and collective power. Our civic engagement department works to empower grassroots leaders with the information and tools they need to lead their communities to long-term transformative solutions. One example of the systemic change our communities have created includes the historic 2021-22 Dolores Huerta Foundation Redistricting campaign which will impact our communities for decades to come. 

The DHF-led Central Valley Equitable Maps Coalition (CV-EMC) engaged over 5,000 community members and shifted the balance of power dramatically in the Central Valley, completely reversing the ratio of Voting Rights Act (VRA) districts to non-VRA districts at the state and federal levels, increasing county supervisorial VRA districts by 135%.

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