Donald Trump is planning to give big tax cuts to wealthy corporations and his billionaire friends. What’s worse is that he plans to pay for them with massive budget cuts to essential services— taking away healthcare, education, environmental protections, job training and even Meals on Wheels from millions of Americans.

In California, thanks to a 40 year old loophole, these same wealthy corporations pocket $9 billion a year in property tax breaks, cheating our communities out of billions in investments.

Make It Fair is a bold plan to close Proposition 13’s commercial property tax loophole for the biggest corporations and recover those funds for California.

Will you sign a petition asking state representatives to help make CA more self-reliant under the Trump administration by supporting Make It Fair now? Make It Fair Petition

Throughout the state, We Are California Action Team members are working to make sure corporations pay their fair share but big corporations and the wealthy are already gearing up to spend hundreds of millions to keep the system broken.

We need to let our elected leaders know that we need to Make it Fair so that California becomes more self-reliant in the face of Trump’s attacks.

It’s time to fight back and protect our state by closing this corporate loophole.

Can you take two minutes to sign the petition today? Together we can stop corporations from cheating California. Make It Fair Petition

Let’s make them pay.

  • #MakeItFairCA
  • #WeAreCA
  • #FairShareCA
  • #StopCorporateGiveaways
  • #ClosetheLoophole

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