Our Mission
“Inspiring and organizing communities to build volunteer organizations empowered to pursue social justice.”

For Community Organizing

As a 501 (c)3 organization on a mission to inspire and organize communities to build volunteer organizations empowered to pursue social justice. Our social justice grassroots organizing work is focused on Civic Engagement, Education Equity, Health and Safety, and LGBTQIA+ Equality. We believe that those most directly impacted by inequity have the knowledge to implement community driven solutions when empowered with the tools, training and resources.
DHF has 12 Vecinos Unidos® chapters in Kern, Tulare, Fresno and Antelope Valley (Los Angeles) counties. DHF Organizers use a grassroots house meeting model to form neighborhood organizations called “Vecinos Unidos®” (Neighbors United). Vecinos Unidos® members are empowered through hands-on leadership training to lead civic engagement and collective action efforts to hold elected officials accountable and secure positive outcomes to address the needs of their community. Vecinos Unidos® have been successful in advocating for more parks, paved roads, pools, sewer connections, and much more. 

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Our Impact
Our movement-building addresses the harmful and discriminatory practices and abuses faced by marginalized individuals and families. Through a multi-pronged approach, we’ve been instrumental in grassroots organizing for local and state legislation.
Throughout our time, we’ve had the opportunity to organize during two Census’. In 2020, we connected with 84,000 people about the importance of being counted and how their communities can benefit from equitable resources allocated through the Census. Following those efforts, we mobilized over 8,000 people in the redistricting process throughout the Central & Antelope Valley. In the fight for fair maps and proper representation, we’ve championed a 135% VRA increase in Kern, Tulare, Kings, Fresno, Madera, and Merced counties. This could not have been accomplished without the support of the Vecinos Unidos® and each department who helped educate, inform and organize community members.
During the pandemic, our grassroots organizing went virtual. With regional and technological barriers, we made an effort to bridge the digital divide by providing tech & computer training to Vecinos Unidos® and youth members. We also hosted 40 COVID-19 informational meetings with a total of 179 Vecinos Unidos® members in attendance.
In addition to educational information, we provided PPE, and COVID-19 resources, and hosted 90 United Against COVID-19 clinics (& counting!) giving over 7,741+ people the opportunity to obtain a professionally administered vaccine(s) to protect themselves and their families. We didn’t stop there. We’re humbled to have hosted approximately 57 food distributions where over 14,312 families were served a variety of hot cooked, canned, and fruitful goods.
Today, we continue to organize for equal opportunities and resources in the communities that have been systematically underrepresented. For more information about current campaigns, frequently asked questions, or calls to action please visit the “Learn more” section on this web page. Thank you for your continued support.
We've advocated for the following legislation and continue to support bills that untie & serve the community.
SB 757 Solar Panel Fraud
AB 4 Health4All
SB 17 Office of Racial Equity
AB 1096 Alien → Non-Citizen
AB 701 Warehouse Workers
AB 616 Farmworker Elections
SB 62 Garment Workers
AB 73 N95 Farmworkers
SB 583 Back-End AVR
AB 123 Paid Family Leave
AB 339 Public Meetings
SB 380 End of Life
SB 224 Mental Health
SB 28 Rural Broadband
SCA 5 UC Student Regent
AB 101 Ethnic Studies
AB 610 School Discipline
SB 393 Farmworker Childcare
SB 364 Free School Meals
SB 756 Low-Income Weatherization
SB 222/223 Water Affordability
SB 467 Fracking Ban/ Setbacks
SB 81 Sentence Enhancements
SB 2 Police Decertification
AB 1238 Freedom to Walk
AB 1171 Spousal Rape
ACA 3 Involuntary Servitude

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